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pickup line: wanna watch this murder documentary with me?

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Ending this day with boozy lemonade, BBQ and hockey. If only it was still warm outside.

Really can’t focus at all today because my mind is swimming with courses I want to/need to take this fall and the prospect of working on one of my current research papers seriously with a professor next semester. I’m just so distracted and want a final, solid schedule. To add to this, I just got advice from one of the grad students in my office about looking into communication internships/jobs for local government offices in addition to companies.  

Plus on top of all that: a 15 page research paper due on/before May 5 that I’ve barely completed a page of, 4 readings for next week followed by a test on May 1 and writing a personality profile and news story for another class also before May 5. 

Not to mention personal life stuff: I’m babysitting today and tomorrow and spending both nights at home, have things to mail at the post office/exchange to stores and need to get things ready for moving out of the dorms all while trying to not call off from work anymore until I leave for Spain. 


being in love is so cool and gross

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I finally had a good in-class presentation today and I’m still high off of it. I can’t believe I wasn’t nervous or anything! Hopefully the ones I have Thursday and next Tuesday are just as pleasant. 


A big, fat butt is amazing because it is the only part of the human body that stuff comes out of and goes into and it’s a really great pillow and it has two cheeks and it’s warm and it can make cool noises all by itself and it’s so beautiful that I looked at one once and got so angry that I didn’t talk to anybody for six days.  

Welcome To Twin Peaks collection by Suckers Apparel

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I now only vow to drink at bars that are within walking distance of places I can get fries at in under 2 minutes.

I want to go to the L&L on weekdays so I can just sit there and choose all of the music by myself and drink Magners.

The newest trend in menswear this spring

The newest trend in menswear this spring

Sébastien TixierAllanngorpoq (2013)

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